Light Housing Sham Tseng – Light Be

There are many families in Hong Kong suffering housing difficulties due to socio-economic issue. “Light Be” – specializes in Social Realty, rents apartments from different landlords to sublease the property to the less privileged at an affordable rent. In 2014, Town Planning Board agreed to revitalize the old textile factory staff quarter building in Sham Tseng to Light Housing. The Light House project will renovate this 50 years-old accommodation to provide 45 units to families with housing difficulties for a maximum period of three years.

With the joint effort from government departments and private corporations, the Sham Tseng Light Housing is opened in early October and Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor officiated at the launch ceremony. Program Contractors worked with HOUR25 to design, manufacture and install the metal gate and fence for this project. As it is not a convenient location, and some families have already moved in, it is challenging for the delivery and installation. Without the support and cooperation of different parties, the Light Housing Project cannot be successful, we wish the families in need would enjoy their new homes.

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