Applications of VETOP

Vitreous enamel is an ideal building material for both interior and exterior projects thanks to its quality performance and diverse applications. VETOP, a brand under Program Contractors Ltd, through its state-of-the-art technology and immaculately controlled production procedures has vastly contributed to the quality of its vitreous enamel products and it has established itself as one of the most trusted choices in the industry.


VETOP vitreous enamel is widely used architecturally as curtain walls and as cladding material for new building as well as for refurbishment projects for aging buildings seeking a new look.

Manufactured in complex curves, corners and flat profiles, or fabricated to the architect’s exact specification, VETOP vitreous enamel offers the highest level of versatility in design and gives the most cost-effective long term solution.

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Tunnels and Transport

VETOP vitreous enamel is the most selected material by architects and engineers for use in transport projects such as metro stations, tunnels, airports, road, foot bridges and public passageways. Its rust-proof, vandal resistant, chemical resistant and easy to maintain surface renders them an invaluable position in heavy traffic public facilities where maximum wear-and-tear level is expected. Its fire-proof feature also makes it stand out from other cladding materials to the projects that fire safety is a concern.

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Street Furniture

Produced in various shapes, colors and sizes and manufactured to customers’ specifications with a comprehensive installation system, VETOP vitreous enamel offers great versatility for street furniture such as kiosks, phone booths, bus-stops, park benches, street signage, landmarks or art pieces. Not only are they presented in brilliant colors, they are also able to carry permanent multi-color graphics of complex design for environment or theme enhancement. VETOP provides unlimited possibilities for Designer, Landscape Architect, Architect and Artist to realize their ideas. Its durable coating protects itself against vandalism by commuters and outdoor weather conditions under strong sunlight, raining, damp environment or on the coast.

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Advantages of VETOP Vitreous Enamel


Structurally robust and extremely durable.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel - P1517 Ad box and And shop signage to University Station

Abrasion Resistance

Rigid surface and highly resilient to severe abrasion and scratches.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel Advantages - scratch

Chemical Resistance

Easy cleaning of unwanted paint or spray marks.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel Advantages - Chemical


Protection against ultraviolet light and corrosion.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel Advantages - Color

Heat and Fire Resistance

Up to 400°C and cooled to room temperatures within 30 seconds.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel Advantages - Heat

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean with a mild detergent and with minimal rubbing effort.

VETOP Vitreous Enamel Advantages - Clean