ProMold is an aluminum formwork system, which provides clients in Hong Kong and Macau with the whole spectrum of services including design, production and alteration, installation and recycling. Not only the production line is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines, but also ample space reserved for factory mock-up installation. We also provide formwork fabrication services such as formwork system OEM and custom-made formwork system parts & components.

Download ProMold Catalog

Download ProMold Catalog


Standard and irregular panels used to guarantee the production of solid structured concrete.
Support system includes various types of posts/props catering to all kinds of roofs, beams, and cantilevered structures, to ensure panels on position solidly.
Square or rectangular hollow reinforcement waler to prevent over-loading and to guarantee dimensional accuracy.
The wedge insert and cylindrical bolt ensure total integrity in interlocking panels.
They are installed and removed easily with a hammer.

Advantages of ProMold

Reliable Aluminum Profiles

We search for materials and extrusion profiles of excellent quality. Our suppliers are experienced in the formwork aluminum profile making industry, not only they can achieve material grade T6061 but also they can design and develop new profiles with us.

Maximizing “Installation-friendly”

ProMold aluminum formwork system was developed to enhance building concrete works – in short time and of high quality.  Apart from remaining the four systems abovementioned as simple as possible, we optimize the complete formwork design set for each building project – tactically utilize the four simple systems to achieve site installation and dismantlement perfectly with ease.

Safety design

Safety has been always of major concern to ProMold. Reinforcement walers and support props are crucial to guarantee to install aluminum formwork system structurally stable. Both walers and props are of great variety – both standard and custom-made are available to further develop the safety measurements in formwork project sites.

Installation Process of Aluminum Formworks

Survey and setting-out, followed by the installation of wall and column reinforcement bars and E&M concealed cable containment.

Install wall, column panels and beam panels.

Install beam side panels and slab panels.

Install beam reinforcement bars and finish E&M cable containment.
Adjust and reinforce wall panels and pillar panels.

Install slab reinforcing bars and suspended formworks. Pour concrete.

Aluminum Formwork VS Timber Formwork VS Steel Formwork

Aluminum Formwork, Timber Formwork and Steel Formwork are commonly used in construction sites.
Aluminum Formwork perhaps is the most selected formwork system which widely benefits contractors and other stakeholders.


Cost Comparison between Aluminum Formwork and Timber Formwork

Characteristics Aluminum Frameworks Timber Formworks Difference
Amotization 3.73 14.40 -10.67
Labour Cost 20 25 -5
Cost of Secondary Patching No Secondary Patching 16 -16
Waste Disposal Fee No waste 2 -2




Unit: RMB/m²

Aluminum Formworks amotization: Divided by 300 after deducting the recycle value
Timber Formworks amotization: Divided by 10