Registered Contractor and Supplier qualifications for government departments and organizations:

(Not in any Particular Order)

Awarding Authority (HKSAR Government & Related Organisations)
Certification (Category)
Class or Group
Hong Kong Housing Authority Approved Contractors Building Maintenance Group M1
Hong Kong Housing Society Approved Contractors Building Maintenance & Improvement Works List 1
Works Branch Development Bureau Government Secretariat Approved Contractors Buildings Group AP
Architectural Services Department Approved Contractors Public Works Building Category  
Highways Department Approved Contractors Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works under category of Structural Steelwork
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Registered Contractors Registration of Electrical Contractor
Buildings Department Registered Contractors General Building Contractor
Construction Industry Council Qualified Vendor Subcontractors Registration Scheme:
01.08 Structural Steelwork
01.11 Building Maintenance
02.07 Painting
02.08 Metal Work
02.10 Other Finishing
02.11 Renovation and Fitting-out
03.04 Electrical
03.06 Fire Services Installation
03.15 Plumbing