Vitreous enamel is manufactured to customers’ specifications. A complete project-led design and technical team ensures that all customers’ specifications are given the closest attention and executed to the last detail. Our specialized production line is equipped and manned for vitreous enamel production, and our management and production teams are well-trained to ensure the highest level of production quality.

Technical Information

Base material Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel sheet
Max. size (Flat type) 3000mm x 1500mm
Yield Strength 130-210N/mm2
Tensile Strength 270-350N/mm2
Film Thickness 300 – 450 μm
Gloss Level 80-95%
Weight (Flat type)
– with backing of 9-12mm thick calcium silicate board Approx. 23 – 26 kg/m2
– with backing of 15mm thick calcium silicate board Approx. 26 – 29 kg/m2
Dimension Tolerance max. 0.1%
Flange Tolerance max. 0.5mm
Testing ( Standard) ASTM, BS1344, BS2782, BS476,
BS EN14431, BS EN14483,
DIN53436, BS3900-D10


Composition of Vitreous Enamel


VETOP® aims to be the industry leader in vitreous enamel production durability, reliability and quality. To accomplish this goal, we have set up a dedicated team of engineering professionals and managers to ensure that our products always exceed the strictest and highest International Standards*.

All VETOP® products are subject to a series of rigorous quality assurance procedures to maintain high-levels consistency. The following three key areas summarize our testing and internal quality control procedures:


Pre-treatment system is checked and tested once a week or after each order batch, whichever is shorter, to ensure every vitreous enamel product is completely contamination free before coating.


Every vitreous enamel panel is tested according to the comprehensive set of policies and inspection procedures to ensure coating thickness, surface finishing and colour matching.

Lab Test

Three finished samples are selected and tested from each production order in compliance with BS 1344, to ensure the quality maintains consistency and its performance in the project environment.