Region: Hong Kong, China

Sector: Transportation

Client: MTR Corporation Ltd., Hong Kong

Our roles: Supply, Install, Quantity Surveying, Project Management

Location: West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (North), Mong kok West Ventilation Building

Area: Cladding: 687m2; Fins: 76m2; Louvre: 269m2Coping: 108m2

Quantity: 66 units of cladding in 3300 x 1800mm; 63 units of cladding in 2600x 1800mm

Duration: 8 weeks

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Scope of Works

This project involved the building work for metal art façade on Mong Kok Ventilation Building. Our role in this project included supply and install:

  1. Perforated Aluminum Cladding and associated secondary supporting structure
  2. Aluminum fins and doors
  3. Aluminum louvres
  4. Aluminum copings

Project Description & Highlights

Metal decoration façade is one of the growing tends in building wall cladding, to present modern and creative designs to the public. Most of the metal façades may involve a complexity idea and require high level of customization. PROGRAM has gained great experience in making metal façades which usually consist of an assortment of materials, from stainless steel, GMS, aluminum to copper. All were made carefully with our 3 decades of crafting experiences.

Following the decorative metal ceiling – Starry Sky to Hong Kong Pacific Place and the 3D metal façade to Legacy Way Ventilation Tower, our latest metal decorative project was installed on the exterior wall of Mong Kok West Ventilation Building, at West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (North).

This first ever art façade for public facility wall cladding project in Hong Kong covers 686m2 building wall areas by assembling 129 pieces of curvy aluminum cladding panels. This wavy façade creates a modern outlook to the building by choosing the orange color with PVF2 coating finishing which would capture the public’s attention.

When it comes to the fabrication of metal decorative products, managing the artists’ expectation is as important as manufacturing quality. The design intended to combine perforation of dots and a variety of patterns which demanded a good amount of cutting and punching work with high attention of exactitude. In order to present the design concept perfectly, we made a prototype which allowed the artist and us to make improvement in design and manufacturing.


After a simulated test, we made an engineering recommendation to improve the stability of the supporting structure. On the aesthetic side, a façade is added to present an eye pleasure. A number of backing structure exposed through the perforation was not favorable. Thus, we adjusted the structure design adjustment was made to hide all the structure brackets.

The façade was installed outside the ventilation building which working at height was necessary. To ensure the safety and health of our workers, PROGRAM paid high attention to the potential hazards and adopted precautions to avoid any accidents. The following safety methods were adopted on site:

  1. Carried out an inspection prior to work commencement to ensure the safety of equipments and environment;
  2. Ensured all workers wearing adequate protective equipments with safety helmet and shoes on site;
  3. Wore full body harness with two lanyards and attached to the independent lifeline at a secure anchor point;
  4. Used a proper metal scaffolding and cherry picker for height accessing;
  5. Employed a lookout man to monitor the operation of lifting gears and kept an effective communication to the control room all the time;
  6. Strictly followed the safety regulations by government to lower the risk of accidental injuries and damages on site.