Description: Building work for drencher system to Kowloon Bay Depot

Area of use: Railways

Location: Hong Kong

Completed Year:  2015

Project Highlight:

This project involved the dismantling of the existing preventive fire protection system and enhancing the drencher system at MTR Kowloon Bay Depot. The works involved the installation of over hundreds meters of water supply pipes in various sizes, a 38m (l) x 8m (w) x 3.5m (h) fiber-glass water tank, i.e. 924 m3 and a new Pump Room for the entire new system. We are the Main Contractor of this project and responsible for the Registered General Building Contractors of this A&A, E&M works.

To enhance safety in work site, the following methods were adopted:

• Independent on site lab test for the loading capacity of concrete blocks and bolts;
• All workers must attend and pass the MTR Track Safety Awareness Training;
• Used work platforms and full body harnesses for height accessing;
• Relocation of any hindrances on the ground before and after works without minimum disturbance to the normal operation of the Depot;
• Obtaining the permit of track-site works by fully understanding of the de-energized status to the high-voltage cables before site works commencement;
• Building good and effective communication channel with between Site Foreman and Depot Staff is very critical for running this project;
• The close communication can also help a lot in avoiding conflicts and dangers