Top hundred enterprises of China Light Industry – Program Metal Products (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd

The 4th China Light Industry Entrepreneur ceremony was successfully held on 12 June 2015 in Beijing Jingxi Hotel. It is one of the most important annual events organized by China Light Industry Federation, which aims at enhancing the development of the industry. This year, the CEO of Haier Group, the CEO of Alibaba Group, the chairman of Liby Group and the members of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences were invited to give speeches and present the awards to the top hundred enterprises in the Light Industry. Program Metal Products (Zhuhai) Co was awarded as the top hundred sub-listed enterprises in enamel industry with “ability to grow” and “electricity supplier capabilities’’. It is glad that we obtained such an honorable award which has proved that our enamel products are superior in quality and highly recognized in the Chinese market. Since the establishment of our enamel panel brand ‘Vetop’, it has already received numerous recognitions from Porcelain Enamel Institute, China Enamelware Industry Association as well as our clients, particularly in Hong Kong, we have consecutively received Q-Mark certificate for 11 years. Nowadays, Vetop’s enamel panels can be easily found in train stations in China, Hong Kong, Euro and other different counties.